Where do we begin? 
West coast born, Midwest raised. Fast-forward? After seven years of declaring my love for Australia and endlessly talking about living in Melbourne, I put in notice at my job and left with a one-way ticket in early 2018. Since returning home to Chicago, I’ve poured my energy into Whitespace Magazine (love it), a house renovation (didn’t love it), and my mental health (learning to love it).

Have questions about my career path?
So do I—and I’m no good at maps. I graduated with a BA in English Writing from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2012 and have since worked at a concert venue, a mortgage company, an investment firm, and a women’s lifestyle website. Most recently, I worked for a mechanical contractor, starting as an Administrative/Estimating Assistant, growing into a Project Coordinator. 

I am where I am and I’m figuring the rest out as I go.

What's with the 'kimconwaywrites' URL?
I dedicate a lot of my free time to what makes my heart sing: writing and editing. After creating my own column for a music website that no longer exists (RIP Noisetrend), I worked for a massive Chicago-based lifestyle website (hi, The Everygirl) as a writing intern and music columnist, and I regularly wrote and edited content for Literally, Darling.

In 2017, I saw my name in physical print for the first time in the debut issue of what is easily the prettiest publication ever, Whitespace Magazine. In our follow-up issue, released in December 2018, I wrote four of the five main feature articles and was equally as floored upon seeing my name in print. I’ll be reprising my writing/editing role in Issue Three, which is scheduled for publication in Fall 2019.

Curious about what I've written?
Check out my portfolio.

Want to be my real-life friend?
Slow down, we'll get there. You should know I bake arguably the world's best soft pretzels, I love an oxford comma, and I have very high standards when it comes to Instagram captions. Rumor has it I've got moves like Kristen Wiig, charm like Aubrey Plaza, and heart like Laura Jane Williams (ok, maybe I started those rumors—I deeply admire these women).

Want to be my Internet friend?
This is my Twitter. This is my Instagram. This is my Spotify. This is my gif of choice.

Your move.

Where do you make your move?